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Do you make checks on your members?

Since we are an online advertising network, we do not conduct background inquiries on either of our members. However, we do offer a wealth of knowledge, guidance, and tools to our participants so that they can independently do these reviews.


After they have identified a daycare provider they’re considering utilising, parents must conduct as much investigation as possible. Before employing their services, you should always call them and have around one face-to-face encounter with them in a crowded location. This should be done around once. You should grill them with as many questions as possible and demand that they provide you with documented verification of their credentials, registration certificates, insurance, and DBS checks. You must inquire about recommendations from other parents from the daycare providers you are considering using. You should check these recommendations by contacting the individual who provided them to ensure they’re authentic. Parents must read our free online guidance on Checking Childcare Providers before employing any childcare provider’s services. The guideline is available on our website.


To legally care for children in Scotland, nannies and babysitters must be licensed with “the Care Inspectorate.” To legally care for children in Scotland, nannies and babysitters need to be licensed by the Scottish Care Inspectorate. If you are not licensed with such an organisation, it is against the law to promote your services as a childminder. When hiring a babysitter, a parent must ensure that the person in question has a valid childcare licence.


Our website offers free assistance and guidance, and our Safety Center provides pointers on protecting yourself while using our service.

What is

Childcare-Scotland.Com is a web-based networking media website that connects parents, childcare providers, schools, and private teachers. The platform also assists parents in finding childcare providers.


We allow parents, daycare providers, and teachers to establish a free account that advertises their needs or abilities and then post that Profile on our site and mobile site.


Unlike traditional childcare agencies, we don’t collect commission or reservation charges. Members conduct their background inquiries and referrals on one another, trade directly with one another, and establish their prices. It is feasible to obtain childcare or work caring for children without paying anything to us!


Our services are also accessible from mobile phones, iPhone, iPad, and Android operating systems. We are working on building apps which you can download in your mobile device.

What do I get for free?

Carers and Parents can join for Free!

All carers can register for Free for lifetime. However, if you are registering as a Parent, you can register for free and access the carers for upto 7 days. If you need longer than 7 days, you need to subscribe for 15 days or 30 days membership for a small fee.

Registering alongside us and adding a profile that advertises the services you provide or the criteria you have is free of charge.


Free members can read and respond to messages delivered by paying members (also known as gold members). Free members can communicate with paying members and see straight contact information for those members. Free members can post babysitter jobs, and babysitters can seek jobs posted by free members without paying a fee.

Is my personal information safe?

Once you participate in our community or establish a profile, would the private details you provide us ever be sold? The answer is always “no.” The information we request will not be utilized for any other purpose than to carry out our service. Suppose you sign up for an account on our platform and establish a profile. In that case, the information you provide will be checked by a member of our administration staff before being published on the platform for others to browse.


On this website, we have developed our one-of-a-kind safe and private messaging system that our users can utilize to communicate with one another. Members do not need to share their e-mail addresses until they decide.


While utilising our service, we ask that you please make it a point to review the information provided in our Safety Centre so that you can do so securely.


To prevent illegal accessibility to the information we hold concerning you, we adhere to the security standards mandated by the Scottish Data Protection Legislation, also known as the Data Protection Act of 1998.

For further information, kindly read over our Privacy Policy.

I haven’t received my account activation e-mail

Once you are a member of our site, we will deliver an e-mail to the address you gave us, requesting that you activate your account. To set up your account, you must click the link sent to you by e-mail. This is necessary to verify that your e-mail address is valid. If you have not received the e-mail to activate your account, kindly check the “junk” or “spam” folder in your e-mail client. Certain ISPs are overly aggressive and might incorrectly identify our e-mails as undesirable.


Suppose you don’t activate your account by clicking the link provided in the activation e-mail. In that case, it is possible that we won’t be capable of sending you e-mail alerts and announcements through our site, for instance, when you have received a new message. It is for this reason of the utmost significance that you select the link provided to set up your account.

Why isn’t my Profile showing?

After you have finished creating your Profile, it will be added to a waiting list where it will be evaluated. After being scrutinised and approved by our moderating staff, your user profile will be available to the public on our website. In most cases, the duration of this procedure is shorter than twenty-four hrs. We shall send you an e-mail informing you when your Profile has been made public. If you visit the page labelled “My Profile,” we will tell you at the upper part of the screen what the current state of your Profile is.


If you update your Profile, the prior version of your Profile will continue to be viewable online till the latest modifications have been reviewed and authorised by our moderators.

Why isn’t my photo showing?

We will only accept photographs of the parent(s), extended family member(s), or childcare provider(s) who have enrolled to use our website. It is not permitted to take pictures of childcare providers that include more than one person or child in the picture. If you represent a business, we will substitute a logo for an image provided it does not contain any alphabetic or numeric characters. If you update your profile picture or include a new one, the new picture won’t be displayed unless it is examined by our moderation staff and approved.

How do I contact a childcare provider or parent?

Send them a message using our website’s secure, private messaging system. Contact information for parents and daycare providers is kept confidential. Click the “Message” button that can be found on every Profile’s upper right side to deliver a message.


Once you deliver somebody a message, we’ll notify them by e-mail that there is a new msg waiting for them. By examining the sent message in the “My Messages” section, you could determine whether a message you just delivered has been viewed. If not, then unread is indicated adjacent to delivered messages.


Registered users may also approach a user personally instead of utilizing our private messaging system if they have filled in the Profile Plus portion of their Profile and provided personal contact information, like an e-mail address, phone number, or mobile number.

Why can’t I send messages?

Messages could be sent to the registered carers by subscribed users. You should upgrade your membership to deliver messages to other user.


We restrict the number of messages any user can deliver in one day to prevent our messaging system from getting exploited and used to send spam. If you are notified that you’ve reached your daily limit and would like to continue sending messages, kindly contact us. We shall assess your account and, assuming the preceding messages’ substance is appropriate, consider raising your daily limit.

Can I add my e-mail address or telephone number to my Profile?

You can voluntarily include your e-mail address, phone number, and cell number in your Profile area. You can read this information with other free users when you’re a registered member.


We prohibit personal contact information, like e-mail addresses and mobile numbers, in the usual part of your Profile for security, safety, and privacy purposes.


In private messages, parents and daycare providers can share their contact information.

Can I add a link to my website from my Profile?

If a daycare provider is a registered member, they could include a web address to their Profile that would be viewable by every user.

How are rating scores calculated?

Our 5-star rating system is available for parents to evaluate childcare services. Every daycare provider starts with a score of zero in the rating system. The rating out of five stars is determined by the sum of the ratings a childcare provider has received.

Can I add a link to your website from mine?

You are welcome to create a link to the website from your site at any time.

How do I cancel my membership subscription?

Access our cancellation page and follow the instructions to terminate your membership subscription.

You can terminate your membership at any point before the subsequent payment is due. If you decide to cancel your subscription, you won’t be prevented from using any available time on your membership before its expiration.


After cancelling your membership, you will be given a cancellation reference number on-screen and in an e-mail. You must keep this number as evidence that your subscription has been terminated.


If you are having trouble terminating your gold membership, kindly contact us to help.

How do I close my account?

Just navigate to our cancellation page whenever you decide you want to, for whatever reason, and we will make it possible for you to terminate your account. You could do this at any moment.


Get in touch with us if you would like to submit a demand that we erase your personal information in conformity with the obligations granted to you by the GDPR.

My question has not been answered

If your inquiry hasn’t been addressed, kindly contact us, and we’ll reach back to you and provide a solution as quickly as possible. Our goal is to respond to all inquiries regarding customer service within 48 working hours.